Jessie’s First Dance Solo

My eight-year-old, Jessie, performed her first dance solo in February at Dancer’s Inc. in Lowell, Massachusetts.  This was only her second time at a dance competition (you can see the photo story of her first competition, which was Spring 2013, HERE.)  It was a beautiful day full of smiles and positive energy.

Jessie dances at The North Shore Performing Arts Center in Ipswich, Massachusetts – a true gem.  Her solo is a lyrical style dance choreographed by Shayna Chapman.  We are blessed.

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Here’s a shot taken by the Dancer’s Inc. photographers that I purchased.  The local Ipswich, MA paper used it in their story which was very exciting.  🙂


Film Notes: Portra 160 +1, Tri-X 400 +1, F100+50mm 1.4, scanned by Indie Film Lab.  (Side note: I am currently between computers and therefore have no access to my editing programs; these are straight, untouched scans by Indie.  Love them!)


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