First Dance Competition | A Photo Essay

This is the story of a seven-year-old who is participating in her first dance competition.

She is entering a duet into the lyrical dance category at a regional competition in Southern Maine.

Nervous, excited, giddy…

…a ball of energy finding comfort in a bag of jelly beans backstage.

The makeup, the hair, the sparkly barrette and matching earrings.  The beautiful baby blue dress and tan tights.  Red lipstick, missing-tooth smile, and the hand of a friend.  Months and months of practice.

I couldn’t be prouder of my daughter, Jessica.

2013-05-18_0001 2013-05-18_0002 2013-05-18_0003 2013-05-18_0004 2013-05-18_0005 2013-05-18_0006 2013-05-18_0007 2013-05-18_0008 2013-05-18_0009 2013-05-18_0010 2013-05-18_0011 2013-05-18_0012


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