{Intimate} Session on Film

I am pleased to now offer intimate sessions.

What is an intimate session?  It’s like a boudoir session, except it’s more nuanced.  More subtle.  More classic, fine art, and natural.  It’s more honest, more pure, and it’s more YOU.  It’s not in-your-face with sex appeal, and yet, the sex appeal is most certainly there.  When you look at these photographs ten years from now, you won’t be embarrassed.

An intimate session with me is not just for that special someone in your life.  It is for you, too.  It is a celebration of your beauty and your femininity.  It is a chance to claim your body and be comfortable in your own skin.

I hope you enjoy what you see and that I get the chance to create these moments on film for you as well.  ❤

{Tri-X 400 | Yashica Mat 124G + F100}


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