My Kids’ Rooms

Occasionally, I photograph my children’s bedrooms.

I don’t clean them first.  I don’t close the left-open drawers or make the messy beds.  I simply walk through and snap a few frames of what I see.

Can you remember what your room liked at age 5, 7 or 11?  I can’t.  But I wish I could.  I find it so telling – the things we keep in our rooms.  A glimpse into our lives at the present moment…



Natalie at age four (5 next month!) has inherited, like so many of her things, Jessie’s piggy bank, which she of course uses for jewelry storage.  Her bureau also showcases some of her recent artwork.  She chooses what she deems worthy to hang or display.


This Fisher-Price clock was once mine, or perhaps my brother’s.  The money jar on the right was Jessie’s handmade Christmas gift for Natalie.  She keeps all sorts of treasures in there, like rocks and hair clips.  All the important stuff.  😉


This baby cradle was made by Dan for Jessie (another hand-me-down!)  Now Natalies, she tucks her baby dolls in there every night.  Her messy night table always has a collection of items that make me giggle.


BayMax was a gift from Danny, and Natalie sleeps with him every single night.  (“Sometimes I lose him.  But then I wake up.  And then I find him.”)  The nook on the right was made into a custom storage bench by Dan, and Natalie likes to pile up her pillows and blankets there and read a book at night.



Danny just turned 7.  He shares a room with Natalie.  On his side of the room, there’s always a random assortment of THINGS.  Mostly, small things.  Things that hurt when you step on them.  This morning, his favorite stuffed animal, ‘Friend’, had fallen out of his bed.  Despite his super cool Star Wars sheets and Tom Brady poster, Danny still holds onto special items from when he was a baby – and Friend is one of the lucky hangers-on.  On the right, it looks like a poor Wookie is stuck on a cliff.  What an adventure  he must have had last night.


Danny isn’t a big fan of reading, but in order to get free play time at night, he has to read a few pages in a book.  He’s currently reading the Ball Park chapter book series.  At right is a valentine he made which depicts himself and his sisters, with hearts.  He is sweet and loving, my middle child.


STUFF.  THINGS.  I can’t keep up with enough storage containers for them all.  On his bureau are a few of the trophies he is proud of winning for flag football, as well as a piggy bank, a super awesome light saber (a gift from his Uncle Steven,) and a birthday card from Grandpa.


The bookshelf.  Never organized.  Topped with an assortment of items, including the birthday painting Natalie made for him.  On the floor, he made a reading nook.  I see his Minecraft books there, with two flashlights (I guess you can never have too many.)



And now into the 10-year-old’s room (she turns 11 in May — don’t I dare forget it!)  Jessie likes to display things.  A LOT.  Among her trophies here, there is a jar of her first ever homemade bath salts.  She’s really into DIY projects lately.


Her bulletin board is awesome.  I love watching it change.  Things come down, new things go up.  A few items have lasted… like the photo booth picture of her and me, taken quite a few years ago.


Jessie has a cute reading nook with a fun paper star lantern.  She also has a desk.  And yet, she chooses to use her new laptop on the floor.


Some of the items she has displayed on the hutch above her desk — books, trinkets.  A mix of old and new.  She has said that these display shelves are her most favorite part of her room.


This year she started sleeping with an eye mask.  (Sigh, tweens.)  Her iPhone is my old one, and she recently cracked the screen.  (Sigh, tweens).


Ribbons, medals, my old pointe shoes.  Jessie’s room is filled with dance items.


Jessie got glasses this year.  She was really excited at first, but apparently now the glasses are just mostly annoying.  Her hairbrush is filled with blue hair due to her recent (temporary) color craze.  And her planner – she has become such a planner – although it looks like yesterday was a fairly easy day.


Y’all.  ALL THE THINGS.  The products!  The collections!  She is growing up and wants more and more beauty products, and yet, she still has her collection of stuffed animals.  (Sigh, tweens!) ❤



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