This is Me Session | Maggie at Fourteen


What to say about the amazing Maggie?!  There is simply too much.

At fourteen, Maggie has endured more than most people should ever have to.  Maggie is a cancer survivor.  The scar that marks where her thyroid once was is a vivid reminder of her story.  I was thrilled to get to know Maggie and honored that I was able to photograph her, approximately one year into her remission.  There are people in our lives who we meet and they make us stronger, better human beings.  Maggie is one of those people for me, and she didn’t even have to try.  I am blessed.

As always, Macayla (hair, makeup and wardrobe stylist extraordinaire) helped me at this session.  I must say, we make a pretty stellar team.  🙂


Maggie at Fourteen…

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