Calling all teens and adults!

Did you get a new DSLR recently?  Do you have a fancy camera sitting unused on your shelf?  Learn to use it!

Perhaps you don’t know, but I LOVE teaching!  Let me help you.  🙂


I’ve been giving ‘Beyond Auto’ lessons for a few years now.  Here’s how it works…

Step One: Decide that your investment in a DSLR and the documentation of your family’s memories is worth a bit of education.

It’s all too common: you’re frustrated because you’ve spent a bunch of money on a new fancy camera and your photos still don’t look amazing.  They are often out of focus, or too dark.  And then there’s that pesky issue of ‘what next?’ — your photos stay on your camera and are never shared because you just don’t know what to do with them or how to edit them.  (Parents: perhaps you’ve made a camera purchase that your teen was begging for, and now it’s collecting dust…)

Step Two: Ask your friends if they’d also like to learn how to use their DSLR.

This is easier than you think, and it’s the best way to customize and schedule a series of lessons.  See, you are not alone in this underutilized DSLR world.  I can almost guarantee that several of your close friends are also baffled by all the buttons on their camera.  Gathering a group of your own friends allows us to schedule the lessons at optimally convenient locations and times for the group (and also creates a fun, comfortable atmosphere!)

Step Three: Email me and let’s coordinate.


Here’s what to expect:  Lessons are typically 90 minutes long, and are best done as a series of five.  I have found that scheduling five weeks of once-a-week lessons is ideal, as it gives you time to practice between each time that we meet.  Each week will build on the previous week’s new skills.  You will learn how to take your camera off of auto at the very first lesson.  You will learn exposure, composition and editing.  Each lesson will incorporate hands-on practice, and often the final lesson culminates with a mini photo shoot.  All lessons are customizable based on the group’s needs.

I have worked with groups of moms who have wanted to learn to photograph their on-the-move children better, meeting at someone’s home after the kids are asleep and over a glass of wine.  There’s lots of laughter while learning.

I have also worked with groups of teens, meeting in the library conference room and strolling downtown Newburyport.  I have watched some of the teens I have taught go on to have their own paid photography jobs (they became that good!)  Several others have become my (paid) photography assistants at my own sessions.


Lessons are $50/hour, which can be split by up to five people.  (For groups of more than five people, I am happy to give you a custom quote.)  For example, two people at the lesson will each pay $25/hour.  Five people at the lesson will each pay $10/hour.  You get the idea.

I have found that it is best to get a commitment from all people in the group for the series of five lessons.  This eliminates the potential awkwardness if one person misses a lesson (in other words, even if someone in the group misses a lesson, she still is expected to pay her portion.)

I’ll do the math for you: five 90-minute lessons adds up to 7.5 hours of lessons, which equals $375.  If you want private lessons, the $375 would be your fee.  If you have one friend in mind, you each would pay $187.50.  So on and so forth.  Here’s a handy table for you:

5 lessons, 90-minutes each:

Just you: $375
Two people: $187.50/each
Three people: $125/each
Four people: $93.75/each
Five people: $75/each

Remember, this is for FIVE WEEKS of lessons!

Occasionally I have people who want to cram the lessons into a shorter period of time.  Although I don’t recommend doing it this way (there’s simply too much to learn and it’s hard to retain it all without the practice time in between lessons), I have done it before and am happy to discuss some options.

What are you waiting for?!  Gather your friends and let’s schedule some lessons!  After all, you purchased that fancy shmancy camera — USE IT!  🙂


I leave you with a photo of Madison, one of my photography students (maybe you read an article about her photography in the local paper not too long ago?!  http://www.newburyportnews.com/local/x1196427826/Triton-seniors-photography-earns-accolades — not sure that link still works, unfortunately.)  A super talented young photographer, she was also an amazing photo assistant to me.  She’s in her first year of college now and she’s going places!



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