Madi at Twelve

Meet Madi.

Madi’s tween session started with a few questions that she answered in an email to me:

Age: 12
Grade: 7
In school, I really love: language arts and art.
After school, you’ll typically find me: hanging out with friends.
If I had to choose three words to describe myself, they would be: funny, crazy, sassy.
My perfect day would go something like this: A day that I could do whatever I want with my friends.
My fashion style could be described as: I’m not sure. I like lace dresses and flats, but I also like studs an combat boots.
 If there’s anything else you think I should know, or if you have an amazing ideas for your photo shoot, write all that info here: I want my hair to be done.


Armed with this information, I created Madi’s inspiration board:


I enlisted the help of Macayla Dickey for hair, makeup and wardrobe styling and on a cold-but-sunny day in October we met at Madi’s home.

Getting ready:



Madi-5 Madi-13

And here’s Madi’s gorgeous tween session!
Interested in your own tween session?

5 thoughts on “Madi at Twelve

  1. Beautiful work Kelly. You have captured the essence of Madi in your shots. We strongly recommend a tween session. Lasting memories for Madi who now wants to take up modeling. 🙂 Thanks!

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