First Day of Grade Three | a personal post

There is so much I want to remember about the first day of school for my eight-year-old.  I wasn’t sure it could be captured in just one portrait, so I snapped a few shots as she went about her morning.

She’s headed into third grade and I want to remember how nervous and excited she was, what she requested for breakfast, how she got her hair ‘just right’ in the bathroom mirror, and how her younger brother and sister were just as excited for her as I was.

The years are going too fast for my liking.

Jess-2 Jess-4 Jess-9 Jess-13 Jess-14 Jess-16 Jess-19 Jess-1 Jess-21 Jess-25 Jess-26 Jess-30 Jess-37 Jess-39

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