Pancakes and Books

I recently spent the morning with this family.  While Dad was out for a long run through the woods, Mom made pancakes with the kids.  After everyone’s bellies were full, we went to the third floor where Mom read to a room full of little listening ears.

Dad came home and, while enjoying some breakfast leftovers and sharing a few stories, there were braids being done, teeth being brushed, and even more story time to be had on the living room couch.

Thank you for allowing me to share such genuine, authentic, private moments with your family.  It is an honor that I truly cherish.


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One thought on “Pancakes and Books

  1. Perfection. They’re all fantastic individually, but together the whole story is just awesome–including what it’s like to have a runner dad who misses a chunk of the weekend mornings for long runs. {I love the one where she’s reaching for her coffee cup in the middle of the story!}

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