Two is Better than One | North Shore Massachusetts Family Photographer

By far the most sessions I book are family sessions on the beach at sunset and family sessions on Sunday mornings at home eating breakfast.

This is a good thing, because these are two of my favorite types of sessions to photograph!

I was lucky enough to document a sunset beach session AND a ‘Rise and Shine’ session within two weeks of each other for this West Newbury family.

I had a great time getting to know Rebekah, Darren and their two handsome boys.  Seeing them all dressed up and on the beach one day and then at home in their element two weeks later felt like we had come full circle.

Even more special was having Rebekah’s mother in town for the ‘Rise and Shine’ session.  The love between them all was so evident.

Rebekah is a talented photographer herself, and Darren has a love for music that his two sons have clearly inherited.  Our beach session was filled with lots of running and chasing, snuggling and laughing and the morning session began with bagels and a dance party, and ended with cuddles on the couch.

Thanks for sharing these moments with me, D Family!

To book your own beach and/or morning session, visit my website or email me.  🙂


2013-06-29_0002 2013-06-29_0003 2013-06-29_0004 2013-06-29_0005 2013-06-29_0006 2013-06-29_0007 2013-06-29_0008 2013-06-29_0009 2013-06-29_0010 2013-06-29_0012 2013-06-29_0011 2013-06-29_0014 2013-06-29_0013 2013-06-29_0015 2013-06-29_0031 2013-06-29_0016 2013-06-29_0018 2013-06-29_0019 2013-06-29_0024 2013-06-29_0025 2013-06-29_0026 2013-06-29_0027 2013-06-29_0020 2013-06-29_0021 2013-06-29_0028 2013-06-29_0022 2013-06-29_0023 2013-06-29_0017 2013-06-29_0029 2013-06-29_00322013-06-29_0030


{TechNotes: Portra 400, Ektar 100, Fuji 400h + HP5 | F100, Holga + YashicaMat 124G | Indie Film Lab}


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