Our Morning at the Station

We are lucky to have a fabulous and active mother’s club here in Newburyport.  The Newburyport Mother’s Club is a wonderful resource, and we love participating in many of the outings the group coordinates.

A few weeks ago we took a tour of the West Newbury police and fire station.  Danny wore his fire chief costume — of course.

Fittingly, our morning began with some donuts, and Danny was excited to receive a police badge.  A tour of the building was next – the highlight was checking out the holding cells (let’s hope he never sees those rooms again).  The big finale was when the kids were given the opportunity to roam around and check out the fire engines, police cruisers and ambulances.  Danny’s eyes were wide with excitement the entire time!


2013-06-12_0001 2013-06-12_0002 2013-06-12_0003 2013-06-12_0006 2013-06-12_0004 2013-06-12_0005 2013-06-12_0007 2013-06-12_0008 2013-06-12_0009 2013-06-12_0010 2013-06-12_0011 2013-06-12_0012 2013-06-12_0013 2013-06-12_0014 2013-06-12_0015 2013-06-12_0016 2013-06-12_0017(Portra 400 + F100 + Indie Film Lab)



One thought on “Our Morning at the Station

  1. Haha–you took a pic of the Juvie sign 🙂 Seriously, these are fantastic. Hope you frame that one of Danny sitting on the front of the engine, looking at the bell. So best.

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