Julia at Sixteen | a ‘this is me’ session

I recently launched a new session offering that I call  ‘This is Me’.  It’s a special session for teen girls, in which they get a taste of the model experience while at the same time gaining self-confidence during their crucial identity formation teenage years.

I am passionate about these sessions and I love seeing the girls embrace their inner and outer beauty and showcase their personality with pride.

Here’s a quick summary of how a ‘This is Me’ session works:

1.) we build an inspiration board that will guide our session
2.) the teen goes through her closet and finds items that match the inspiration board.
3.) a stylist pulls together 3 outfits and does the teen’s hair and makeup.
4.) we go on-location and capture some awesome stuff on film.
5.) the teen receives a look-book with her images from the session.

It’s fun from start to finish.  Memories are made.  Confidence is gained.  Good stuff happens with these sessions.

Now let me introduce you to Julia…


Julia is sixteen.  She recently got her driver’s permit and told me that 30 mph is “really, really fast!”  Julia is a gorgeous dancer and nearly every waking hour that she is not in school is spent at the dance studio.  She is responsible, compassionate, talented, fun and just a really fabulous young woman that I am lucky enough to know.

When the stylist, Macayla, was going through Julia’s clothing options, I could often be heard saying, “you actually already owned all of this stuff?!”  Needless to say, Julia’s wardrobe is an eclectic mix of styles, and the ‘teen geek chic’ theme I had set forth was definitely a good match.  I especially fell in love with a cat sweater and insisted we do a fourth look using it.  Macayla, being the genius that she is, paired it with sassy yellow pants and the images in that outfit are some of my favorites.

We started at the library, played with a shopping cart, constructed our own version of ‘Where’s Waldo’ using a huge wall mural, and ended at the cutest and yummiest coffee shop.  Julia will forever remember being extremely cold for most of the session and then burning her mouth on her hot chocolate when I had her take a sip for one of the shots (sorry, Julia!)  Be sure to check out Macayla’s awesome hairstyles, which included a hair bow (yes, a bow made using Julia’s hair!) and Julia’s super cute earrings (I was a bit obsessed with them.)

What image is your favorite?



This was Julia’s inspiration board.

Julia's Inspiration: "Teen Geek Chic"

Julia’s Inspiration: “Teen Geek Chic”


Getting ready with Macayla!


2013-05-01_0001 2013-05-01_0002 2013-05-01_0003


Like a real model: changing outfits and hair in my minivan.  I had the heat blasting trying to get Julia warm between outfits.




Look One


2013-05-01_0005 2013-05-01_0006 2013-05-01_0007 2013-05-01_0008 2013-05-01_0009 2013-05-01_0010


Look Two



2013-05-01_0012 2013-05-01_0013 2013-05-01_0014 2013-05-01_0015 2013-05-01_0016


Look Three

*** 2013-05-01_0017

2013-05-01_0018 2013-05-01_0019 2013-05-01_0020 2013-05-01_0021 2013-05-01_0022


Look Four

*** 2013-05-01_0023

2013-05-01_0024 2013-05-01_0025 2013-05-01_0026 2013-05-01_0027 2013-05-01_0028 2013-05-01_0029 2013-05-01_0030 2013-05-01_0031 2013-05-01_0032 2013-05-01_0034 2013-05-01_0033


Do you want a ‘This is Me’ session?  Have your parents check out Julia’s session, and then send them HERE for more details on booking.

Can’t wait to meet you!





5 thoughts on “Julia at Sixteen | a ‘this is me’ session

  1. Holy SMOKES, I love this so much! I love every stinkin’ part of it! Wish I was a teen girl in MA….this is perfection!

  2. Kelly, I am almost in tears! These are truly Julia – they are stunning and your work overwhelms me emotionally. Thank you for being who you are. You are a quiet observer of life but you don’t miss the essence of who your subject is. Much love and appreciation to you and Mickayla!

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