This is Me | a styled session for teens

‘This is Me’

a custom photography session specifically for teen girls


***Scroll down to see an example of a ‘This is Me’ session from start to finish!***


Here it is a nutshell:

Ask any parent of a teenage girl and they will tell you that these years are not easy.

Girls age 13-19 are at a unique crossroads in their formative lives.  They are struggling with who they are and who they want to become.  They are searching for ways to express themselves and to have their voice be heard.  They are trying to forge their unique identity in a sea of conformity.

This session allows teens to express themselves.  It gives them the chance to revel in the spotlight and enjoy the model experience for a few hours.  It allows their spirit to shine through and offers a unique way to tell their story in images.  Fun and confidence-boosting, this session utilizes a professional stylist onsite and provides teens with memories that last a lifetime.  ‘This is Me’ is an opportunity for teens to claim their identity and showcase proudly who they are.

Parents, know this: I get it.  I know there are ups and downs with a teen girl in the house.  I know they can be moody, and sassy, and all those other personality traits that seem to pop up during the teen years.  With a background in teenage psychology I also know that these years matter.  They are important.  These girls want to hear you say, ‘you deserve this’ and, ‘you’re beautiful’  and we both know that saying these words often falls on deaf ears.  A photo session might seem frivolous, but in the grand scheme of things, it can boost your teen’s self-esteem and make them feel validated.  Identity formation is complex; I am grateful that I am able to positively impact its trajectory in the lives of teen girls through the ‘This is Me’ session.

Teens, know this: This isn’t about becoming someone else.  It isn’t about looking sexy, inappropriate or incongruous to your actual age or who you are.  You will not be ‘Photoshopped’.  This is about honoring where you are at in life.  Right at this moment, who are you?  This session is about embracing that person and documenting her, in all her awesomeness, on film, forever.  (And don’t forget to thank your parents – they think you’re incredibly special.)


Here’s how it works:

  1. Upon booking we will meet and and discuss what makes you unique and any ideas you may already have regarding your upcoming session.
  2. I will build an Inspiration Board which will become the cornerstone which guides your session.
  3. You will go through your closet or choose to purchase a few items that fit into the theme of the Inspiration Board; remember that the Inspiration Board is simply a guide and not a ‘must have’ list of items.  It’s important to infuse your own personal style into the session as well.
  4. On the day of the session, I come to your home with a professional stylist.  The stylist will go through the items you thought might work with the theme and will help customize outfits and accessories.  She will do your hair and your makeup in accordance with the Inspiration Board as well.
  5. We travel to our location.  The stylist stays onsite the entire time, assisting with hair and outfit changes.
  6. You look amazing, we have fun and we all wait with baited breath to see the gorgeous images approximately one month later!


Images in an online gallery + a custom ‘look book’


THIS IS ME | Charlotte at thirteen


How lucky I was to work with Charlotte!

Charlotte is thirteen.  She loves to dance (and she is extremely talented at it, too!)  Charlotte is sweet and funny and quirky and a bundle of laughs.

I decided a ‘Brigitte Bardot meets teen hipster’ theme was perfect for Charlotte.

She dug through her closet, her mom’s closet, and her Grandmother’s closet.  She made a few accessory purchases.  She gathered items that loosely fit the theme and that were oh-so-Charlotte at the same time.  Macayla, the stylist, worked her magic and Charlotte looked absolutely beautiful on this cold day in March.

Here is Charlotte at Thirteen.


***We start by building an Inspiration Board:

An Inspiration Board guides our session from start to finish

An Inspiration Board guides our session from start to finish


***We meet at your home and a professional stylist helps prepare your look:

2013-03-24_0001 2013-03-24_0002 2013-03-24_0003 2013-03-24_0004 2013-03-24_0005


***The stylist stays on location throughout the session to assist with hair and outfit changes as needed:

2013-03-24_0006 2013-03-24_0007 2013-03-24_0008


***You look amazing and we get images that make your mom cry:

2013-03-24_0009 2013-03-24_0010 2013-03-24_0011 2013-03-24_0012 2013-03-24_0013 2013-03-24_0014 2013-03-24_0015 2013-03-24_0016 2013-03-24_0017 2013-03-24_0018 2013-03-24_0019 2013-03-24_0020 2013-03-24_0021 2013-03-24_0022 2013-03-24_0023 2013-03-24_0024 2013-03-24_0025 2013-03-24_0026 2013-03-24_0027


Further Details:

  • An 8.5×11 magazine-style ‘look book’ is included with this session.  Additionally your images will be showcased in a password-protected online gallery for thirty days for easy sharing with friends and family.
  • Sessions last approximately three hours from start to finish.  Images are typically ready to view online within thirty days.
  • Additional products such as loose prints and digital files are available for purchase a la carte.


To book a session, email me:





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