Welcome, Little One | a storytelling family session

On a cold, winter morning, I spent some time with this family.  They recently welcomed a new addition into their family.

A fire was made in the fireplace.

The warmth quickly filled the house and the delicious smell of burning wood, brewing coffee and homemade pancakes surrounded us.

Big sister and big brother helped Dad mix the batter, while Mom and baby looked on.  After breakfast by the fire, there was playtime in an upstairs bedroom.  Snuggling with the little one was a recurrent theme throughout the morning hours.

A kitchen sink bath for baby was next.  Big sister helped Mom wash him clean.  Big brother did puzzles with Dad by the fire.

And last but not least, our morning together ended with a dance party, complete with loud music and a trampoline.  Shouldn’t all family mornings end that way?

Welcome, Little One.   You are loved.

2013-02-24_0032.jpg 2013-02-24_0027.jpg 2013-02-24_0014.jpg 2013-02-24_0019.jpg 2013-02-24_0029.jpg 2013-02-24_0030.jpg 2013-02-24_0031.jpg 2013-02-24_0011.jpg 2013-02-24_0026.jpg 2013-02-24_0020.jpg 2013-02-24_0015.jpg 2013-02-24_0010.jpg 2013-02-24_0008.jpg 2013-02-24_0009.jpg 2013-02-24_0007.jpg 2013-02-24_0016.jpg 2013-02-24_0012.jpg 2013-02-24_0013.jpg 2013-02-24_0017.jpg 2013-02-24_0018.jpg 2013-02-24_0023.jpg 2013-02-24_0022.jpg 2013-02-24_0021.jpg 2013-02-24_0025.jpg 2013-02-24_0024.jpg 2013-02-24_0028.jpg 2013-02-24_0035.jpg 2013-02-24_0036.jpg 2013-02-24_0033.jpg 2013-02-24_0034.jpg 2013-02-24_0037.jpg 2013-02-24_0040.jpg 2013-02-24_0041.jpg 2013-02-24_0038.jpg 2013-02-24_0039.jpg 2013-02-24_0046.jpg 2013-02-24_0047.jpg 2013-02-24_0044.jpg 2013-02-24_0045.jpg 2013-02-24_0043.jpg 2013-02-24_0048.jpg 2013-02-24_0002.jpg 2013-02-24_0004.jpg 2013-02-24_0006.jpg 2013-02-24_0005.jpg 2013-02-24_0003.jpg 2013-02-24_0001.jpg

{Yashica Mat 124G + F100 | Portra 400, Portra 800 + HP5 | Indie Film Lab}


2 thoughts on “Welcome, Little One | a storytelling family session

  1. What a gift for this family! You captured so many little details that tend to get lost in the early, bleary-eyed days of newborn bliss. What i would GIVE to go back in time and have this for myself. Treasure!

  2. Thank you so much, Kelly! We are so happy to have had you capture a typical morning for us in our home (that we may not be in for much longer)! You’re work is so natural and pure. It is refreshing to look at. Having just had our little one, these photos are extra special. THANK YOU again!!

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