{Film Inspired} February Blog Circle

(Note: this post is part of a blog circle.  At the end of this post, you will find a link to continue around the circle!)

I love the winter months because they allow me some down time to further explore the art of photography.  I tend to snuggle in bed or by the fire and read books upon books about photography.  Photographer biographies, photography technique books, photography philosophy books… when I find something that inspires me, I try to apply it in my work by shooting a couple rolls and seeing where it takes me.

I’m currently in the midst of a book that discusses contemplative photography.  I find myself having to re-read whole paragraphs before the content begins to make sense, which has been a great challenge for my brain.  A recent chapter on color inspired me to load some Portra 800 in my F100 and head out to see what I could find.

A couple things I noticed:

  • I started to see things I drive by on a daily basis in a new light.
  • Mundane structures suddenly seemed interesting.
  • I found myself drawn to old barns and industrial structures.
  • My head quickly became filled with new ideas for shots and ways to use some of these newly-appreciated locations.

This prompted me to start a new series I am calling ‘From the Driver’s Seat’.  The name should be obvious – I literally shot all of these images from the driver’s seat of my car… that is, after I jumped out and metered for exposure of course.  😉

2013-01-30_0007.jpg 2013-01-30_0006.jpg 2013-01-30_0001.jpg 2013-01-30_0004.jpg 2013-01-30_0009.jpg 2013-01-30_0002.jpg 2013-01-30_0012.jpg 2013-01-30_0010.jpg 2013-01-30_0011.jpg 2013-01-30_0008.jpg 2013-01-30_0013.jpg 2013-01-30_0003.jpg 2013-01-30_0005.jpg

I am happy to be participating in a blog circle featuring the film work of a group of talented photographers across the country.  When you’re done here, be sure to link to the next photographer in our circle: Stacy Pederson!

{Portra 800 (some desaturated in post) | F100 | The Finer Image}

10 thoughts on “{Film Inspired} February Blog Circle

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  2. I love this set of pictures, it reminds me that I see things like this everyday but I don’t stop to capture them because I only have my iPhone!
    (used to use a Fujica(Fuji) 35mm camera in the 1980’s-90’s)

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