Rise + Shine | a storytelling family session

Meet the {W} family.

I arrived at their home around 7:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning in December. They were in their jammies. Tea was being brewed. The pancake recipe was open in their cookbook.

Grace helped make breakfast while Lily colored in her notebook. There were quiet snuggles and playful moments. Comfy pillows and blankets were brought in and a book nook was formed. Lily read books to Grace. They tried to see who could spin the fastest on the floor. The morning sun streamed through the windows.

The table was set with napkins made from Daddy’s old work shirts. Syrup was served in small ramekins.

Daddy did the dishes while Grace had a second breakfast at the counter. Mommy and Lily colored pictures.

Next up: tickling, cuddling and laughing on the couch.

Then it was upstairs to get ready for the day. A quick stop was made in the hallway for shadow puppets. Daddy snuck away to check his email. Teeth and hair were brushed.

The morning ended with a ride on a pony.

Pure bliss.


2013-01-05_001.jpg 2013-01-05_002.jpg 2013-01-05_003.jpg 2013-01-05_004.jpg 2013-01-05_005.jpg 2013-01-05_006.jpg 2013-01-05_008.jpg 2013-01-05_009.jpg 2013-01-05_010.jpg 2013-01-05_011.jpg 2013-01-05_012.jpg 2013-01-05_013.jpg 2013-01-05_014.jpg 2013-01-05_016.jpg 2013-01-05_007.jpg 2013-01-05_017.jpg 2013-01-05_018.jpg 2013-01-05_020.jpg 2013-01-05_021.jpg 2013-01-05_022.jpg 2013-01-05_023.jpg 2013-01-05_024.jpg 2013-01-05_019.jpg 2013-01-05_025.jpg 2013-01-05_026.jpg 2013-01-05_027.jpg 2013-01-05_028.jpg 2013-01-05_029.jpg 2013-01-05_030.jpg 2013-01-05_031.jpg 2013-01-05_032.jpg 2013-01-05_033.jpg 2013-01-05_034.jpg 2013-01-05_035.jpg 2013-01-05_036.jpg 2013-01-05_037.jpg 2013-01-05_038.jpg 2013-01-05_039.jpg 2013-01-05_040.jpg 2013-01-05_041.jpg 2013-01-05_042.jpg 2013-01-05_043.jpg 2013-01-05_044.jpg 2013-01-05_045.jpg 2013-01-05_046.jpg 2013-01-05_047.jpg 2013-01-05_048.jpg 2013-01-05_049.jpg 2013-01-05_050.jpg 2013-01-05_051.jpg 2013-01-05_052.jpg 2013-01-05_053.jpg 2013-01-05_054.jpg 2013-01-05_055.jpg 2013-01-05_056.jpg 2013-01-05_057.jpg 2013-01-05_058.jpg 2013-01-05_015.jpg


This session makes my heart sing. This is what I want to photograph every day. These moments, captured on film, tell a story. I would love nothing more than to photograph a session like this every Sunday morning.  (Okay, maybe not every Sunday morning because I like to make similar memories with my own clan.)  🙂

If you are interested in having me share a morning with you, email me: Kelly@KellyChadwickPhotography.com.


{Portra 400 in the Yashica Mat 124G + HP5 in the F100}


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