I had an epiphany today.

I realized that my love of shooting film and my photographic style should be no surprise.  The theme of simplicity and authenticity is carried through all facets of my life. 

I dress simply and almost never wear makeup.  I value the past and don’t believe that bigger is necessarily better.  I don’t fall for the latest and greatest.  I am not trendy.  My spirit is genuine.  I surround myself with those that share my love of life.  I see beauty in imperfection.  In dance, I value solid technique and artistry above the showy tricks that win points in competitions. 

It should be no surprise that I prefer to work with actual negatives and not digital pixels.  It should be no surprise that I would rather own a camera from 1956 than the new Nikon D800.  It should be no surprise that my images reflect the richness of reality instead of awkward posing or heavy editing.

And yet, I surprised myself this morning when I recognized this theme that underlies my entire life. 

I searched for my happy place in photography for awhile, and found it when I embraced my film roots.  I have read blog posts that allude to photographers deciding to shoot film so that they seem cool and different.  Let me assure you, I am not cool nor do I strive to be.  But if you call staying true to your personal style and following your heart instead of trends “different,” well, then I am guilty as charged.

Me + film: we were meant to be.

It feels right. 

It feels like my favorite pair of yoga pants and a hot mug of Gold Coast (bold, not light) blend from Starbucks.

Seeking: people who value simplicity and authenticity + want to share a cup of coffee with me.  I’ll bring my camera and give you photographs that you will love for years.

And in the spirit of authenticity, here is a self-portrait – no makeup and all.

Me, through the mirror (the beveled edge gives it the double image.)


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