Beauty, Deconstructed

A little raw.  A little edgy.  A little mysterious. 

A lot of authenticity.

I might even classify these as “un-boudoir.”

Boudoir photography typically involves lots of makeup, Photoshop, and in-your-face sex appeal.  In contrast, these images are completely untouched and as a result, feel more intimate to me.  I especially love the look of the grainy black & white film.  It’s as if you’ve walked in on these moments, or like they are unfolding in front of you.

What do you think?

F100 | Delta 3200


F100 | Tri-X

F100 | Delta 3200


6 thoughts on “Beauty, Deconstructed

  1. Well, the photos definitely have a sex-appeal and some sort of mystery.
    Great work in my opinion.
    Professionally speaking, as a graphic designer, you could use little less film-grain as its the first thing I saw when stumbled upon this post. In some level, film grain and noise add its own graphic effect, but when you use it too much it will ruin or make the image less accurate and decrease its quality. First thing that came into my mind is that the photo was taken in low-res or lost some of it quality during the process.
    But hey, that’s only my opinion.

    And again, great work.
    Caught my attention.

  2. Hi there! Thanks for the comments and feedback. I think when you choose to shoot with Delta 3200, you just know that you’re gonna get grain the size of quarters. 🙂 I know that look is not for everyone, nor is it for every composition/subject. But I do ’embrace the grain’ and choose Delta 3200 for many images, not despite the grain, but because of the grain.

    I love how choosing a film stock IS, in fact, your post-processing, in so many ways. I know in the world of digital photography, noise reduction is so commonplace that maybe seeing so much film grain is shocking. I totally agree with you that, depending on what the end-purpose is to the images, the amount of grain would need to be taken into consideration. I assure you these are shot in high-res!

    I love the feedback. Thanks!

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